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Sam Wang


I am a software engineer working on Android Studio at Google.

Scroll down to see my résumé and links to my other websites.

Last updated: 2023/5



My preferred languages:

Unison Gleam F# Scala Crystal Rust Nim

I'm also proficient in:

C# TypeScript Kotlin Elixir Ruby Julia PowerShell

I'm currently learning:

Flix Koka Lean Idris

I also work with other languages in my work experiences and personal projects, listed below.

Work experiences

Google LLC

Android Studio

Kotlin Java C++ Python Go
Kirkland, WA, USA Since 2020/5

Android Studio Platform

  • Developed and maintaining a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA used by internal Android Studio teams to view Android Studio's exception, UI freeze, and memory heap reports
  • On the company-wide internal dashboard for viewing crash reports, added support for Kotlin source code (previously limited to only C++ source code)

Android Lint

  • Created and maintaining several linguistics-related Android Lint checks
  • Fixed and improved several existing Lint checks

Community contributions

  • (Since 2019/11) As a 20% project contributor, currently implementing many UI and server-side features of the internally used app for navigating through Google offices
  • (Since 2022/3) As a Kotlin readability reviewer, currently reviewing Kotlin code written by engineers from teams across the company, hepling them gain "readability" (i.e., company-recognized proficiency) in Kotlin, currently having reviewed over 1000 changelists
  • Received three peer bonuses for various community contributions

Previous team:

Google Ads

Dart Java
Mountain View, CA, USA 2019/8 – 2020/4


University of Washington (2023/9 – 2025/4)

Master of science in computation linguistics (expected)

University of Waterloo 2014/9 – 2019/4

Bachelor of computer science with minor in cognitive science

Personal projects


A personal constructed language

Project purposes:

  • To gain experience with F# and Azure
  • To experiment with constructed languages and formal grammars

Languages and frameworks used:

  • F# Parser library
  • C# Backend (Azure Functions) and web frontend (Blazor WebAssembly)
  • TypeScript Library for rendering the language's script

Linguisteria e programmettas

My website for linguistic and small programming projects

Project purposes:

  • To gain experience with Scala, Astro, and Svelte
  • To conduct linguistic research on various topics that interest me

Languages and frameworks used:


A web player of my musical works

Project purposes:

  • To show case my music
  • To gain experience with Blazor
  • To gain experience with the HTML5 Audio API

Languages and frameworks used:

  • C# Web app (Blazor WebAssembly)
  • TypeScript HTML5 audio integration

Previously also used:

  • Elm Web app


Facebook, Inc.

JavaScript PHP
Seattle, WA, USA 2018/9 – 2018/12
  • Using React and Hack (typed PHP), created a new ad format on the web
  • Responsible for the entire development process

Lime (Neutron Holdings Inc.)

Ruby JavaScript
San Mateo, CA, USA 2018/5 – 2018/8
  • Made many contributions in several codebases, including the server, web app, mobile app, and data analysis
  • Translated the internal mobile app into French

Cognitive Systems Corp.

TypeScript Python
Waterloo, ON, Canada 2017/9 – 2017/12
  • Designed and built a tool for visualizing movement data using Bokeh
  • Built and traned a neural network for detecting noise in movement data, supplemented by simutaled images for more precise training control

Microsoft Development Co., Ltd.

C# TypeScript
Tokyo, Japan 2017/1 – 2017/4
  • Constructed a detailed metrics dashboard, used by the team to monitor a microservice
  • Completed major tasks, including the project setup, of a new grammar microservice

Encircle Inc.

CoffeeScript Python Java
Kitchener, ON, Canada 2016/5 – 2016/8
  • Major contributions to the server, mobile and web apps
  • Built an extensible email templating system
  • Built a translations system, and translated the web app into French

Vena Solutions

Java JavaScript
Toronto, ON, Canada 2015/5 – 2015/8
  • Wrote extensive test suites for the platform's API using Postman, increasing overall test coverage by 30%
  • Using Postman Proxy, converted unmaintained tests in Java into Postman collections

External links


for my open-source repositories


where I upload music, including original works and remixes

The following websites have already been mentioned in my résumé:


for (the complete catalog of) my musical compositions


for everything related to Krestia, my constructed language

Linguisteria e programmettas

for my small linguistic and programming projects

Contact info

I'm reachable at you.need@javascript.